The Cabin


This was a picture taken at our family’s favourite place in the world, my husband’s Grandparents cabin. We stayed there for almost a month last summer, this magical place has no wifi and no running water, which makes it so serine. I think I truly captured that essence with this digital painting created in procreate. It was originally done as a speed painting to practice using layers and blending techniques but it turned out so perfect that it truly represents Bednesti lake and what we hold dear.


Little Foxes


These cute little foxes are character designs done using procreate. I enjoy using traditional techniques and applying them to digital media merging both my passion for painting and digital creation. This particular piece is specifically designed to be used with or without the outlines around them. They are the logo and mascot of my business and can be used as stickers or reminder icons in an online or paper day timer.


Good Fox


This is done as a study in photoshop. I wanted to see how close to a photographed image I could get using a tradition style but with digital medium. Each piece of the fox was done with a crosshatch tool that I designed in order to make fur and standard brushes. The back ground is from a photograph to create a digital collage.


Over Lay


This is a piece burned into vegan leather and has a transparent overlay of vellum that represents the skin. It depicts how we change our bodies to hide our scars, however our epidermis is paper thin and yet it sustains so much punishment. In a society that focuses on looks one might make assumptions based on first appearance but when the viewer looks closer, they may be surprised to find not everything is only skin deep.


The Psychology of Meat?


This was part of an installation that included a couch, coffee table, and small bite sized pieces of vegan turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes and gravy. People were encouraged to sit watch the video and have a morsel. This piece took place the weekend after American Thanksgiving which meant the taste of the Holidays was fresh in their minds, many people could not tell that the food in the installation was vegan.




This is a perspective study done in order to understand light and dark when creating a picture. It is done in traditional medium, white chalk and charcoal on grey paper. These kinds of studies are great to help figure out where to put shadows and highlights as well as how to draw without using lines, instead one builds the shape with continually adding and subtracting the medium until a form is created.


Cosmic Meditation


This was done for a friend of mine in After Effects. No stock images were used, I created every part of it from scratch with the help of procreate. I am a trained yoga teacher so when one of my peers was doing online meditation sestions and wanted to have an intro to her videos I jumped at the chance to create something that represented her and her practice.


We are all the same but different


This was my final Masters Thesis project. Using the research my Dr. Melanie Joy and her theories on how people discern the difference between animals we have as companions and animals we eat, I decided to use my own personal story a vehicle for viewers to become aware of how the factory farming industry impacted my decisions about consuming animal products. The digital collage and stop motion paired with traditional animation allows the viewer a form of anonymity while giving them room to come to their own conclusions, without judgment or manipulation. This work was shown inside an installation with a family kitchen table simply set with recipe cards on every plate and a note saying please enjoy these recipes, so that participants could have an immediate resolution if they decided they wished to explore other options. This final project was meant to open doors for people and allow them room to change and the comfort to know they were not alone no matter which journey they were on.